The world of divorce can be one-sided, leaving one party unfairly economically affected, most often the case with a primary earner and a primary homemaker. In many marital dissolution cases, one person is awarded spousal support, also known as alimony, to limit the financial damage from the split. Unlike child support, alimony agreements don’t have many defined guidelines, and a resolution is often reached through mediation and legal intervention. If you are considering a divorce from your spouse or are currently in proceedings, it’s important to have a qualified alimony lawyer in Naples to represent you. Without an experienced alimony lawyer in Naples like Lisa P. Kirby to advocate for your financial needs, you may end up in an unfair economic position.

There are many factors that go into the consideration for alimony, in terms of how much and for how long. Generally, things like the length of the marriage, the couple’s standard of living during the marriage, and the age, emotional state, and physical condition of each spouse are examined to find a reasonable alimony agreement. Often, the lower-earning spouse will want an alimony lawyer in Naples to make their case, and fight for a fair level of support on their behalf. Since spousal support is often the crucial element in helping people get on their feet after divorce, investing in an experience alimony and divorce lawyer in Naples is always a smart move.

If you need help fighting for your right to receive alimony in your divorce case, reach out to the office of Lisa P. Kirby in Naples today.