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Naples, FL Divorce Attorney

With the current divorce rate hovering around 50%, the demand for world-class divorce attorneys in Naples is high. The office of Lisa P. Kirby, P.A., is dedicated to helping people navigate the stressful and complicated world of divorce law, legal seperation, and arbitration and bringing more compassion into the way we handle divorce. While it may not be a pleasant thing to think about, couples of all sorts encounter issues that may lead to a legal separation or dissolution of their marriage, and if you are currently in that position, you can count on our Naples divorce attorney to make the process as peaceful and easy as possible.

Depending on different factors like parenting, business ownership, income, and other assets, your divorce may be straightforward or it may be complex. You can trust Lisa P. Kirby to handle whatever you throw her way with a sympathetic ear and a reliable work ethic, paving the way towards a resolution that works for all concerned parties. Divorce is almost always fraught with intense emotion, especially when there are children involved, but with our legal separation and Arbitration help, you will have the tools to approach the process with confidence.

There are many divorce attorneys in Naples, but few have the experience and passion for children and families that Lisa does. When you want a divorce attorney to help you feel empowered to make the best choices for you and your children's future, get in touch with us today. Your divorce doesn't have to be the end- it can be a new beginning. Let us help you with legal separation & arbitration in Naples.

The Law Offices of Lisa P. Kirby, P.A. Is Here for You

At the Law Offices of Lisa P. Kirby, P.A., I focus on Family Law, Custody & Child Support, Family Law Appeals, Divorce, and Domestic Violence and I am here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.


The Law Offices of Lisa P. Kirby, P.A. is committed to answering your questions about Family Law, Custody & Child Support, Family Law Appeals, Divorce, and Domestic Violence law issues in Naples, Florida.

I will gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.