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When facing divorce, it can be difficult not to worry about how the sharing of your parenting time with your spouse will affect your children.  You may also have fears about being cut out of your children's life when the issue of child custody is decided. It is important to remember that courts operate on the idea that children do best when a continuing and meaningful relationship with both of their parents is maintained after divorce. This generally means that it is likely that the court order will give you plenty of time with your children and the opportunity to be involved in their day-to-day lives.

At the Law Offices of Lisa P. Kirby, P.A., we understand the anxiety you may have regarding the issue of your children when facing divorce. Child custody and parenting plans can evoke intense emotion and conflict between divorcing couples. However, our attorney brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and legal skill to this issue. Attorney Lisa Kirby has been involved in resolving custody matters both outside and inside family courts for more than 20 years. We are here to help you find solutions that will work for you and that will make this transition to single parenthood as easy as possible. 

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Child Custody & Parenting Plans in Florida

Florida courts base their custody and parenting plan court orders on the best interests of the child. They encourage parents to reach their own agreements regarding custody and time schedules, either through their own negotiations or with mediation. This puts parents in control of the matter. Agreements decided this way generally have a much higher success rate of compliance between the parents and are more beneficial to all involved, including the children. Where parents cannot agree, it will be left up to a family court judge to decide how custody and parenting plans will be decided, removing control from the parents. 

Parenting plans are what establish the custody agreement between parents. They provide a plan for how the child’s time will be divided between the parents, including schedules for special occasions, holidays, vacations, and more. They are designed to handle all matters, such as daycare, school, extracurricular events, health care, and any other issue relevant to the child. Parenting plans also should anticipate any special issues or disagreements that could arise with solutions as to how they will be handled. These plans must be submitted to the court for approval. 

Parenting plans can vary based on the circumstances of the case. Most parenting plans involve two parents who live in relative proximity of one another, detailing how children will be exchanged between the two households and all of the other details mentioned above. Other parenting plans can be made specifically for children who may be facing a safety issue with a parent where supervised parental visitation may be necessary. Finally, where one parent is relocating to a distant city or state, a unique plan must be designed to address the issues related to that situation. 

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